I LIKE TO THINK OF MYSELF AS A SPUNKY PROFESSIONAL. I can be pigeonholed, but I will try to fly out.  If that doesn't work, I will ingeniously invent a back door.  I'm honored to work with and for you and I make that my best day ever. Why not?  I love to laugh and be imaginative! I love to applaud, stir and energize you. Ultimately I unabashedly intend to inspire you!   


LET'S KNOCK DOWN SOME OF THE THINGS FOR WHICH I AM NOT KNOWN ... crowd following ... half-done jobs ... taking no risks... tardiness ... and I simply cannot get my mind around amateurism, snootiness or no-shows.


QUIRKS ARE A SURE THING.  I definitely have those sanguine tendencies since I'm a closet LA freeway backbeat singer and I've tried speaking German with genteel Southern accents.  I've found roller coasters are surer bets than those high speed lane changes, but sometimes trying new things like waterskiing or especially yoga is just what's needed for sanity.